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Hello and Welcome to Affective Alignment!

I am SO thrilled to have you on this journey with me!

This journey is one of spiritual healing – mind, body and soul – so you can heal from past traumas and, ultimately, live your most vibrant life!

In this journey, you will uncover not only what traumas your body and energetic field are still carrying with you, but you will also be given the tools and techniques needed to energetically free yourself from these wounds.
Affective Alignment With Dr. Julie Donato

Below you will find lessons coupled with meditations. These meditations are to be used once per week (for best results) in conjunction with the associated lesson. The exercises in the lessons are to be worked through at your own pace on an as needed basis.

I recommend doing each and every lesson (exercises and meditations), however, the start and finish points will be different for everyone.

For example, if you feel you are most struggling with staying grounded and balanced and are very anxious and worried all the time, you will want to start with Safe Stability. If you feel you are having a more difficult time standing up for yourself and speaking your mind / truth, you will want to start with Talk your Truth.

I suggest reading each lesson’s introduction first to find where you should start. I would love to hear your feedback as you are proceeding along this program. Click the email us button at the top or bottom of this page to email us with any experiences you would like to share.

Let’s begin!

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