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Chase It Anyways: Part Two

Have you ever felt stuck or trapped? Do you get the feeling like you hate every part of your life? You hate how you look. How you talk. You even hate how you breathe! Guess what? So have I. But, you want to know the truth of the matter? I wasn’t truly being myself when I felt this way. And I would be willing to bet anybody that feels stuck or trapped isn’t, either.

I touched on this theme in a previous blog post and would like to expand on it because I feel it is very important. I am learning more and more, that there is a lot of disconnect between what we portray and our inner truth. The question is, how do we connect to that truth? How do we live life truly being ourselves? What does that even mean? And even if we somehow figure that out, will that really make us happy? These are all very valid and good questions and are all questions I once pondered myself.

My truth is going to be different than every person’s truth who is reading this. I want to make sure I state that this blog is primarily an opinion piece.

Connect With Your True Self

The most important thing I believe we can do is connect with our inner truth. This is my definition of our true self. This is unfortunately not something anybody else can do for you. Only you can do this for yourself. It requires a lot of hard work and introspection. Simply put, it can be plain exhausting.

So how do we do this? What I have found to be most beneficial is sitting in silence and listening to your own thoughts. To me, this process is meditation. It is where we can truly begin to connect with ourselves. We can listen to our desires, our passions, our hopes and aspirations, our goals. We must not only connect with these things, but we must believe we can achieve them.

Stop Focusing on the Negatives

Too many of us focus our time on the negative outcomes of every situation; believe me, I have my days where I am no different. The important step is to try to reframe these thoughts to positive outcomes. Our thoughts are very powerful things.

If our thoughts constantly take us to worry and negativity, we will never live life to our fullest potential. We might even be too afraid to try because we don’t expect to succeed. I urge you to sit and think. Let your thoughts take you beyond the stressful day to day. Beyond the worry and the struggle.

Ever heard of a thing called the law of attraction? If you haven’t, I suggest doing some research on it, because it is real, and it is powerful. Our thoughts and beliefs shape us and affect everything. That is why working on our thought patterning is so important.

There are a number of techniques out there that can help which is so important. As part of my care in the office, I use different techniques which have proven beneficial in this matter while guiding anybody looking for help in the right direction with pieces of advice for home care.

Overcoming Your Obstacles

Living in accordance with our inner truth doesn’t have to be as hard as it might seem. It just requires some bravery from time to time. Having the courage to chase our dreams and passions, even when they seem unreachable, is the key. That is where our thoughts and beliefs come in.

As mentioned previously, we have to believe we can attain our goals. We have to let go of whatever negative thinking is holding us back. We have to let go of any mental blocks, and there are tools that I explore with patients in my office for exactly this, if they want it.

I would like to leave you all with these same words from my previous blog post. For those of you who resonate with these words, I hope you find the inspiration you were looking for. And as always, I am here to help in any way that I can if you would like it.

The best things in life are done without thinking
When we let our passions drive us
When we listen to our hearts
When we get out of our heads
Overthinking and overanalyzing situations
Is what leads to grief
If the world sought after what they truly wanted,
Everyone would be happier and better for it
When all you do is ignore your heart,
You will never truly get what you want.
If you never get what you want,
You will never truly be happy.
I mean, how can you be?
If all you ever listen to is reason,
You are constantly talking yourself into being happy
But the happiness is never true
The happiness is never real
And eventually, that unhappiness will rear its ugly head
It may not be today or tomorrow
It may not be for 50 years
But one day, these people will wake up and realize,
They never truly lived life the way it was meant to be
They never experienced true, raw happiness
Life isn’t worth Living
If we don’t make our own happiness
So find whatever it is that makes you happy
And chase it
Chase it with every fiber of your being
Chase it with a fire burning bright
Chase it with a fierce intensity no one dare mess with
Chase it with all your strength and anger
Chase it with all your happiness and tears
Chase it with your whole heart.
Chase it again and again,
And when you can’t chase it anymore,
Keep chasing it anyways.

Yours in health; body, mind and soul.

Dr. Julianne Donato, B.A., D.C.
Chiropractor in Burlington

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