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Digging into Digestion

Digestive distress is on the rise in today’s society. This is a big source of discomfort for many, and is often a long battle with little to no relief. While this is a tricky topic to tackle, there are a few natural options that sufferers can try.

What’s Going On?

Let’s address what is happening internally with digestive distress. Our system is obviously reacting negatively to something in our system. But why does this happen? Our digestive system works the same as all other systems in our body—based on hormones and proper functioning nerves and physiological processes. When something is irritating these nerves or causing an imbalance in the hormones being secreted, it’s only natural that things start to go haywire within us.

The question is what causes this imbalance and irritation to our nerves? The big one is inflammation. When we are inflaming our bodies, this creates a cascade inside of us that affects the functioning of different systems, one being the digestive system.

What causes inflammation you might ask? That’s a loaded question as there are multiple factors at play.

One of the biggest causes is chemical stress to the nervous system, which is mainly our diet. When we eat certain foods, it shouldn’t be of surprise that this goes hand in hand with digestion. My biggest suggestion to anybody who is suffering this way would be to try an elimination diet first and foremost. This is a lengthy process and definitely takes some will power. But sometimes, it can be an irritation or a sensitivity–something we wouldn’t ever expect!

Using Essential Oils for Digestive Trouble

essential-oilsAnother all-natural option that has been beneficial to many patients of mine is the addition of an Essential Oil by doTERRA called ZenGest. This is specifically designed to improve digestion and with many individuals, it provides huge relief! For more information on the oils, go to or contact my practice directly.

Another source of inflammation is physical stress to the body. As a Chiropractor, I focus on internal physical stressors, which are called Subluxations. This refers to a joint within the spine that isn’t functioning as it should be. This increases the inflammation in our bodies which then affects how different systems function. The chiropractic adjustment has been shown in research to decrease these stress hormones and help balance the nervous system. Many patients who are undergoing regular care and follow the recommendations notice improvements in this regard.

The last common source of inflammation include emotional stressors. Emotions play a big role in our bodies ability to heal. It may be hard to understand the connection, but our emotions are processed in the brain and, believe it or not, result in certain hormones to be released. Sometimes, we have to address what is going on in our mind as a way to calm what is happening in our body. I always recommend a number of techniques, some of which are shown to decrease stress hormones and impact other areas of the brain as well.

Tummy upset ruins the night
Causes all sorts of pain and makes it hard to stand upright
There’s a good oil to help called Zengest
It will put that upset straight to rest!
When all else fails, try an elimination diet
This removes allergens to help keep that tummy quiet
Adding in Chiropractic Adjustments go a long way
And in time may help those belly aches stay away!
Calming the mind adds another layer
And may just answer your desperate prayer!

If this post resonates with you, please don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

Yours in health; body, mind and soul.

Dr. Julianne Donato, B.A., D.C.

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