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Essentially Essential

Oils, oils, oils: read all about them!

In this blog post, we’re discussing doTERRA Essential Oils! Oils can be used aromatically, topically or internally. You can cook and even clean with them, too. They are extremely safe and the best part–they all natural and chemical free!

Why Use Them?

Did you know one way to decrease functioning of your nervous system is chemical toxins?

Some of the biggest chemical toxins we have out there are so unnecessary! Switching to Essential Oils is a very easy way to keep your house (and yourself) smelling wonderful without the harmful chemicals. doTERRA tests all of their oils and they are high grade, with no synthetic fillers, unlike some of the other less expensive oils you can buy.

So what products have harmful chemicals and how can we substitute with Essential Oils you might ask? The biggest ones are anything with artificial fragrances added into them. Perfumes, air fresheners (for both your house and your car), and candles to name a few.

doTERRA products have roller ball options so you can easily rub these delightfully scented oils on yourself to replace your perfume or cologne. You can diffuse these oils in your house and replace the candles and air fresheners. There are even air freshener clips you can put on your car air conditioning / heating vents with a few drops of Essential Oils added to them that keep your car smelling great!

Chemicals in Your Cleaning Products

Other big chemical stressors we use are our cleaning products!

There are a few different options for replacing those Lysol wipes and bleach detergents that are all natural and safe. You can simply purchase any all-natural plant-based cleaning product. Dr. Bronner’s is a fantastic line of products that are all organic and all natural, and they are scented with, you guessed it, essential oils!

There are also all-natural plant-based wipes to replace the Lysol wipes if you like those better. Once again, these are scented with Essential Oils!

Making Your Own Cleaning Products

If you would rather not purchase any additional products, there is a very quick and easy cleaning solution you can make at home that is 100% natural!

Simply mix ½ cup distilled water, ¼ cup white vinegar and 30 drops of doTERRA Essential Oils of choice. The best ones are OnGuard or Lemon as these both have antibacterial/antiviral properties in them. This is a great all purpose cleaner that works for any surface and disinfects.

The next topic is one that will probably interest more females than males: beauty products! There are some great oils that can be used to decrease aging and increase skin firmness. There are also oils that help cut fat (and cellulite!) and are completely safe to apply directly to the skin.

Frankincense is known for a number of different things, but did you know it’s also great for your skin?

Frankincense is good for stretch marks, scars, and wrinkles! It is also great for burns, rashes, and wound healing (including piercings or tattoos)! Grapefruit oil is another great oil that helps cut fat and is often used to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Smart and Sassy is another great oil to use to boost metabolism and it also cuts fat! All of these oils when mixed with a carrier oil, can be applied directly to the skin, and make a great nighttime beauty regime that is all natural!

Essential oils are all natural,
Safe and effective!
See for yourself the differences it makes
Enhance the look of your skin,
Naturally clean and freshen your house
Trade in those harmful chemical products
I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!
And don’t forget to tell your friends,
Let me help you detoxify your loved one’s lives too!

Do your nervous system a favour, and start reducing those chemical toxins one step at a time. Switching to Essential Oils is an easy first step. For more information on the oils, please contact myself directly!

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