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Eye of the Storm

Wind blowing,
Heavy rainfall pounding on the earth
There’s a whistle in the air
And a cool crisp feeling
Booming thunder rings loud and true
Bolts of lightning break the cloud-filled sky
A vast darkness sets in
Which can be terrifying if the storm is misunderstood
You see, in the center, something else resides
They call it the eye of the storm
This is where the clarity is
Where the passionate hurricane eases off
And brings peace amidst the chaos
No matter how fiercely the winds blow,
When you look deep inside,
You always find the calm that helps drive the storm
And no matter what happens,
The storm will always fade away
Leaving the calm to dominate
The way the two work together is truly beautiful and inspiring
You can never have one without the other
You will always have days where the storm dominates
But you can also trust that the eye of the storm is always there
And it is waiting to take over
You just have to let it.

Much like a storm, every single person in this world will experience phases of chaos and destruction. It is in those times that we must be strong and have faith as we wait for the clarity to set in.

For anybody that needs the reminder today, life will get better. The struggle is temporary. Sometimes we just have to exercise a little patience. Please don’t ever doubt this.

Yours in health; body, mind and soul.

Dr. Julianne Donato, B.A., D.C.
Chiropractor in Burlington

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