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What is a subluxation?

A subluxation is a restriction in regular joint motion within the spine. When this occurs, negative information is sent to the brain and a corrective response is sent from our brain to our body. This response increases inflammation as your body goes into protection/defense mode.  The first sign of defense mode for our bodies is a hunched over posture. Any time our body is in defense mode, certain stress hormones are released in our brain. These stress hormones cause a ripple effect in the brain and ultimately affects our healing capabilities in a negative way.

How do subluxations occur?

There are 3 different causes of subluxations. In fact, subluxations are caused via stressors to the nervous system: Physical, Chemical and Emotional. Physical stressors include falls, traumas, repetitive activities, improper lifting, not enough physical activity etc. Chemical stressors include diet, medications, chemical products we use, alcohol and drugs. Emotional stressors such as anger, anxiety, sadness, worry are also a big cause of subluxations.

How do I get rid of subluxations?

The best way to address subluxations would be to get under a regular Chiropractic regime and receive traditional Chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Donato also highly recommends the addition of Neuro Emotional Technique (if/when indicated) and changes in lifestyle (i.e. adding in essential oils, changes to diet and activity levels etc).

Isn’t it normal to have some back pain?

Though it is common for individuals to have back pain, pain in and of itself is not normal.  Pain only occurs when there is irritation to your nerves. If the cause of this irritation is not addressed, it will continue to slowly worsen over time, and often results in a situation where you simply “wake up” with excruciating pain.  If we can address the problem before it gets to this state, we can more easily correct the underlying issue.

What is mind/body stress and how does this affect healing?

Mind-body stress is exactly as it sounds – the connection between mind and body. Our mind and body are intimately connected. What goes on in our mind affects our body, and reversely, what happens with our body affects our mind too! In medicine and psychology, this term is called “psychosomatic”. Unfortunately, too often there is a disconnect between mind and body, and this relationship becomes unhealthy. When this happens, symptoms may begin to appear. Without correcting the underlying cause, the symptoms will continue – likely in a cyclical fashion (i.e. “flare ups”).

What is the Connection between Chiropractic Adjustments and Neuro-Emotional Technique?

The subluxation is attached to a muscle that isn’t functioning properly. This muscle weakness is associated with a specific meridian, which correlates to an emotion. This emotion is associated with spinal subluxations which are located by using a Meridian Access Point (MAP). Once the primary subluxations are adjusted, new, healthy information gets sent through the meridians and nervous system. It is not uncommon for patients to experience some form of emotional release and often times note an increased sense of mental clarity and decreased pain afterwards.

Are Chiropractic Adjustments safe?

Yes they are! With a thorough History and Physical Examination, your Chiropractor will rule out any contraindications for the adjustment. Assuming no contraindications are present, adjustments are extremely safe and effective for individuals of all ages, including newborns and the elderly.

How many adjustments will I need?

Each individual case differs. Some patients will need a higher frequency of care than others.  This will all be determined by your Chiropractor after your Initial Assessment. Initially individuals begin care at a higher frequency, though the goal is to decrease the frequency and transition into wellness care as your body begins to heal and function optimally again.

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