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Furry Friends Need Healthy Spines, Too!

woman-with-dog-watching-sunsetAs a certified animal chiropractor, I feel passionate about maintaining your furbabies’ function. Having a healthy spine and nervous system is a significant component of you and your pets’ well-being.

Why Should Your Pet See a Chiropractor?

When your furbaby has a spinal subluxation (a joint dysfunction), this affects the way they move and walk. It may lead to some of their joints taking more weight than the rest, which is not optimal or natural. Their risk of injury or future problems will increase as they age.

Chiropractic can impact their proper movement and have a positive effect on their nervous system. A chiropractic adjustment stimulates the portion of the nervous system designed for rest and restoration—improving overall healing. As an added bonus, many animals (mine included) take a nice, long nap post-adjustment, as their rest and restoration centers are activated!

Keeping Your Pet Well

A healthy spine allows your pet to heal better, run, walk, jump and rest comfortably! Get your furbaby checked to ensure a healthy spine and nervous system. It will help them stay pain-free and improve their healing and overall function!

Dr. Julianne Donato
Certified Animal Chiropractor in Burlington

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