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Help Your Furbaby Have a Balanced Body

woman-holding-puppyYou treat your pup like the member of the family that they are. Have you considered what you may be able to influence to contribute to their well-being? There are many factors that go into balance for our furbabies. It is important to have proper nutrition, proper exercise and good physical maintenance.

Getting Your Pet the Right Nutrition

You know how important nutrition is for you. But what about for your furbaby? Making sure your pup has a balanced diet is important. Avoid overfeeding as much as you can and be sure to watch how many treats you are giving them. Overfeeding or excessive treats can result in weight gain, which adds unnecessary pressure to your pup’s joints. They’re then at risk for increased pain and decreased mobility and a greater chance of injury.

It is also important to ensure your pup is eating healthy food. When it comes to treats, I always recommend sticking with single-ingredient treats. While there are many others that might look appealing, the ingredients are anything but. I recommend freeze-dried beef liver, chicken breasts and even sweet potato treats.

I also suggest avoiding cheese, as dairy is inflammatory. Inflammation in our bodies can result in inflamed joints, which increases risk of painful conditions. We would all like to avoid that in our furbabies!

Get Moving

Exercise is an important part for all of our pups. I suggest going for 2-3 walks per day with your dog. Not only is this a great way to spend time together but it also gets some of their energy out and is good for their health overall!

One thing I like to touch on with exercise is a potential injury-causing play activity: tugging. Our pets love it, including my girl. I have learned the hard way that there is such a thing as tugging too aggressively. If your dog is a tugger, watch how much you tug back.

Let your pup do most of the work and avoid whipping their head and neck with the rope (or whatever else you are playing with) as you tug. These behaviors can actually result in muscle strains, and chiropractic subluxations (joint dysfunction), which are painful for your pup. It might also lead to TMJ issues, too.

Ensuring Proper Structure

Make sure to take care of your pup’s physical body by having them assessed by a certified animal chiropractor. In my office, I combine muscle work, chiropractic adjustments and essential oils to help promote healing and improve function in your furbaby. There are also many other topical ointments I may suggest for home use to help with inflammation and pain— depending on the presenting complaints.

To have your furbaby assessed, or to schedule your next regular visit, contact me today!

Dr. Julianne Donato
Certified Animal Chiropractor in Burlington

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