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Keep Your Pets Healthy With Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a natural form of therapy to add to your furbaby’s health and well-being. It is often used adjunctively with regular veterinary medicine to help maintain healthy functioning.

A certified animal chiropractor is trained in assessing dysfunction in your animal’s spine. Your furbaby’s spinal cord and nervous system run within the spine itself. Adding in chiropractic adjustments as a part of your pet’s health regime can stimulate their nervous system.

How Chiropractic Can Help Your Furbaby

nervous system connectionsThere is a broad array of benefits that your pup can get from chiropractic:

  1. It promotes healing via activation of the rest and restoration part of the nervous system. Many fur parents opt-in for regular maintenance adjustments as a way to keep their beloved pets healing optimally. It may potentially prevent health issues later in life.
  2. It improves muscle and joint function, reducing the risk of physical injury and pain. This benefit is another big reason many fur parents use chiropractic preventatively for their furbabies.
  3. Chiropractic adjustments decrease stress hormones and inflammation, allowing the body to adapt and work more efficiently. When our body is under stress and inflamed, it is not performing as efficiently as it could be. Reducing stress hormones and inflammation is a great way to improve whole body function.
  4. It speeds up recovery via its effects on the nervous system. Adding in chiropractic care post-surgery or injury can help your furbaby recover faster and more efficiently.
  5. Improves quality of life in geriatric patients. Stimulation to the nervous system decreases inflammation and increases the endorphins that promote pain relief. As your pet’s joint function improves, it adds an extra layer of comfort.

Help maintain your pet’s health and schedule your next appointment today!

Dr. Julianne Donato
Certified Animal Chiropractor in Burlington

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