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Neuro-Emotional Technique in Burlington

Neuro-emotional-techniqueNeuro-Emotional Technique addresses how stressful events (past or present) affect our healing capabilities using the mind-body stress component. When these events are ignored or left unresolved, physical ailments tend to occur. Though this technique requires emotional vulnerability to pinpoint the age or event at play, it allows Dr. Donato to identify which Meridian points must be held while she adjusts the spine. This combination makes direct changes in the brain as shown on fMRI and allows proper healing to be restored.

N.E.T. Consultations

Dr. Donato is glad to speak with you about what Neuro-Emotional Technique may have to offer you in your situation. Whether you are a current patient or new to chiropractic care altogether, she welcomes you to learn and consider this specialized care. Existing patients may opt to take advantage of extended visits that focus solely on this method, while new patients can make an appointment that includes a complete consultation and, if you choose, an adjustment.

Extended Visits with Our N.E.T. Certified Chiropractor

Brain image showing effects of NETNeuro-Emotional Technique appointments are considered extended visits. These visits will last 30 minutes and consist of an introduction to the technique, an in-depth discussion of your history, and a custom adjustment based on your concerns and needs. Dr. Donato strives to create a relaxed, safe atmosphere conducive to personal disclosure and trust. As this technique is built upon open communication, additional explanation of the involved events is at your disposal should you choose.

Dr. Donato is proud to help others help themselves through her knowledge of specialty adjustment techniques. There is no better time than now to try new and proven ways of increasing your overall health!

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