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New Patients

Dr. Donato is committed to making your chiropractic experience one to remember. Her calm, inviting practice will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. You deserve to look forward to your health.


The New-Patient Process

Well from Within Chiropractic has a one-visit intake process.Well from Within Chiropractic has a one-visit intake process. This visit will be about one hour in duration and will consist of initial paperwork, discussion of full health history, a physical exam, an explanation of the types of chiropractic care available to you, and your first adjustment. Come comfortable and ready to feel better, and Dr. Donato will take care of the rest.

Regular and Extended Visits

Following your initial appointment, Dr. Donato offers regular visits and extended visits. Regular visits are dedicated to traditional chiropractic care. This visit will focus on a quick, thorough adjustment and be completed in under 10 minutes. Extended visits cover additional concerns utilizing more specific techniques, such as cranial adjustments, neuro-emotional techniques, and mind and body consultations. These consultations come in the form of nutritional education, exercise suggestions, essential oil information, and chemical-free lifestyle education.

Ongoing Care

When it comes to ongoing care, Well from Within Chiropractic is glad to help you come up with a plan that best suits your needs. While regular maintenance is recommended to keep you in tip-top shape, you are not locked into lifelong care. Whether you are seeking pain relief or routine visits, you are welcome. No matter your condition, Dr. Donato can help you come up with a regimen that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle.

Dr. Donato wants your time in her office to be an anticipated event. Well from Within Chiropractic aims to provide comfortable, compassionate care that leaves you feeling better than when you arrived.

If you are ready to take hold of your health, Dr. Donato is ready to guide you along the way. Book your appointment with us today!

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