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Perfectly Positioned Paws

As a furparent, it can be difficult to know what is best for your furbaby. I have faced many such instances myself. We want to make sure our babies are happy and healthy. Chiropractic care can be a wonderful addition to your pet’s life.

Your furbaby functions the same way you do. Consider some of these indications for a moment:

1. When you are in pain, are you your regular happy, energetic self? Probably not. One of biggest and most overlooked indications of pain is a change in behavior. If you are noticing your furbaby doesn’t seem as happy, excitable, or energetic as they used to be, it is a big indication that something isn’t quite right. Many times, the problem can be addressed with a simple chiropractic adjustment.

2. If you have ever experienced low back or neck pain, do you find you are still able to move the same way as you would without that pain? This one should be an easy answer – no!

Your furbaby is no different. There are subtle signs in their posture while walking that may indicate pain. Your furbaby should have what is considered a “flat topline.” It means they should have a straight line down their spine from their neck all the way down to their back.

If your furbaby is in pain or has some muscular imbalance, often times there will be some form of distortion or disruption in their top line. We may see what is called “roach back” or “sway back.” These are both indications there is some form of back pain.

You may also see a head bob as they walk, which can indicate pain somewhere along their spine or in their limbs. A certified animal chiropractor assesses these indications each time we watch your furbaby walk. What might be glaringly obvious to a certified animal chiropractor can easily go unseen to the untrained eye.

3. If you have low back pain, does your sitting posture look the same as it does when you are not in pain? By now, you should see the pattern—it certainly does not! It’s the same with our furbabies. There are a few different indicators of pain in our pups, and I will explain a few of them now.

  • First, I must explain what a proper sit position should look like. Your dog should be sitting squarely with equal weight distributed evenly on both sides of their body. I have included a sample picture from my well-adjusted furbaby, who is modelling proper sit position.


  • If you see your furbaby leaning to one side (as is displayed in the picture below) or showing “puppy sitting” (with back legs out to one side), it is often an indication of some type of pain or discomfort.


Get the Attention Your Pup Needs

If any of these signs sounds like your furbaby, I highly recommend you have them assessed. Chiropractic adjustments provide relief and can improve the quality of life for a pup who has been experiencing pain.

Please contact me today for your Initial assessment or your next regular visit!

Dr. Julianne Donato
Certified Animal Chiropractor in Burlington

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