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Properly Pamper Your Pup

girl hugging cute dogOne of my favorite things to talk about with our furbabies is something I like to call “proper pampering.” There are a few areas I focus on in this section: proper nail cutting, proper collar wearing and proper product use.

Proper Nail Cutting

It’s essential to pay attention to your pup’s nails. If they’re too long, it’s similar to a woman wearing high heels—all day, every day. When your pup’s nails are longer than they should be, this increases the amount of tension going through a muscle group called their flexors. The increased tension affects the way they walk and ultimately their spinal biomechanics. Our muscles are connected to our bones and joints. Thus, when one is affected, the other is, too.

A dog’s nails should be kept short. If you can hear them clanking around on hard surfaces, they’re too long. If you have a pup who is reluctant to getting them cut, I urge you to take them for longer walks on pavement, as it will naturally file their nails down.

Your pup’s muscles and joints will thank you for it!

Proper Collar Wearing

Your pup’s safety is at risk with a collar that doesn’t fit right. It shouldn’t be too tight or too lose. If it’s too tight, their ability to breathe will be redistricted. Additionally, it adds strain to their muscles and joints, which leads to increased pain. Too loose is dangerous, too, as it results in your pup being able to slip out of their collar and run free.

So, what is the proper fit for a collar? It’s simple and easy to remember. A general rule is that the collar should fit snugly with two fingers comfortably underneath the collar. For smaller dogs (less than 20 pounds), one finger length is preferable. For larger dog breeds, you may be safe to go up to three fingers.

Proper Product Use

The products we use (both for ourselves and our furbabies) fit into the chemical stressors category that I talk so much about. For the purposes of our furbabies, I will touch on the shampoos that we use during bath time. Our furbabies are more susceptible to chemical stressors than we are, so it is important to use the best products for them.

When it comes to their shampoos, stick with those that are as natural as possible. There are quite a few good organic pet shampoos available such as hemp oil shampoos. There are even oatmeal-based shampoos. The important thing here is to read the ingredients.

My biggest recommendation is to stay away from added fragrances. Animals are very sensitive to these added scents, and they are best to be avoided. Only natural scents (i.e. from essential oils) should be used.

I hope you have found this blog post informative and helpful in maintaining your pup’s health and safety!

Dr. Julianne Donato
Certified Animal Chiropractor in Burlington

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