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Pulling Problems

Little girl hugging large dogDid you know that leash pulling is a big cause of neck pain and dysfunction in your pup?

If your dog is like mine, he/she likes to pull on his/her leash. Unfortunately, with each tug on their collar, their neck is also getting tugged. It can lead to pain, muscle strains and chiropractic subluxations, which just happens to be something a certified animal chiropractor can help correct.

The Right Gear for Your Pup

There are options for what your furbaby is wearing. Instead of sticking with a normal collar, consider a harness. It helps with their pulling significantly, though these have potential problems as well. If you have one of the no-pull harnesses, they operate by pulling the shoulders in to stop them from pulling. This type of harness can lead to shoulder pain and dysfunction, too, so be careful when your pup is being fit for a harness.

The best course of action is to correct this behavior when they are young. If, however, your dog is already grown up and has had this bad behavior reinforced, this type of training may be difficult to do.

I feel your pain! It is an area I struggle with, too. I find my girl pulls significantly less when in her harness, and I make sure to get her checked regularly to ensure she is not in pain.

Is Your Furbaby in Pain?

If your pup is a puller, some signs and indications of neck pain include

  • Decreased neck movements
  • Reluctance to lift their head fully
  • Limping or reluctance to weight bear on their front limbs
  • Sensitivity to touch
  • Yelping noises when being pet in their head/neck region

If this sounds like your furbaby, please reach out to schedule an appointment today. Help me help your furbaby maintain happy, healthy and pain-free functioning!

Dr. Julianne Donato
Certified Animal Chiropractor in Burlington

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