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Watch Your Pup Walk

Did you know that walk time can tell you much about your furbaby’s spinal function? Certain signs can indicate improper joint movements, which are visible during walking.

Here are some subtle signs you can watch for:

1. Limping: If you notice a limp, even if it is slight, it indicates some form of dysfunction. It may present in varying degrees from hardly visible to going three-legged. Whatever the severity, it is your animal’s way of talking to you!

2. Short Stride: If you notice when your animal is walking that one leg isn’t moving as well or reaching forward as far as the rest, it indicates an area of dysfunction somewhere in the joints. It may seem innocent enough but if left untreated can lead to future problems. Such a movement indicates pain and should be addressed.

3. Change in Endurance: If you have a pet that doesn’t want to walk as long as they used to or is moving more slowly than before, it is a good indication that something is uncomfortable or painful. Chiropractic adjustments go a long way if this is the cause of their behavior.

4. Hind End: If you notice a change in your animal’s hind end as they walk, it is a good indication that something is going on. Decreased strength in holding themselves up, a hind end that goes to one side, or waddling back and forth from side to side are all indicators that dysfunction is present in your animal.

Watch closely on your next walk! If you see any of the above signs, schedule your next appointment or initial assessment today to see if animal chiropractic is right for your furbaby!

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Dr. Julianne Donato
Certified Animal Chiropractor in Burlington

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