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Your Pet Needs a Chiropractor Too!

little girl hugging dogNot many people know about animal chiropractic or what signs to look for. I want to help pet owners understand what signs to watch for in their animals so they know when they should bring them in to be checked. I believe all animals deserve to be evaluated. That’s because they don’t have a voice or a say in their care.

Tugging Turmoil

While many pet parents and their dogs play tug-of-war, this game can be hard on your pooch. I have a poem to share:

So your dog loves to tug with you
Ropes, socks, towels—anything will do.
But, tugging turmoil is very real
And may make it hard to heal
Be sure to have your pup checked
So that neck we can correct!

The tugging action, especially if done very aggressively, can actually hurt a dog’s TMJ (jaw) and neck. It can injure their muscles as well. It might not result in an obvious pain-based behaviour, but it can still result in pain. Animals are unable to tell us when something hurts, and without knowing what signs to look for, this can be missed.

Indications of Neck Pain

Signs for neck pain include a reluctance to turn or lift their head. Your dog may pull away any time you try to pet their head/neck region. Since many muscles connect from the neck to the shoulders and upper back, neck pain might also show up in different ways. These include a limp on their front legs or reluctance to step with their front paws.

Your dog may be tender in their trapezius muscle which extends down into their mid back. As a result, they may be sore when you go to pet them. Not all tugging will result in neck pain, but if your dog is a tugger, we encourage you to take advantage of a complimentary initial assessment and have them checked.

The Benefits of Animal Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a safe, all natural way to restore joint function and enhance nervous system function in your animals as well as in ourselves. Many people don’t think twice about doing something to relieve their pain but might not think about their animal’s comfort levels. They too feel pain. Fortunately, chiropractic can reduce this pain and prevent future pain as well by keeping their joints and nervous system functioning the way they should be. 
Help me help your fur babies stay pain-free and experience optimal functioning.

Contact Well from Within Chiropractic to book your complimentary assessment so you can ensure your pet is doing great!

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